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Counselling and psychological therapy

Counselling offers you the chance to talk to a qualified professional in a safe place about your experience and how you are feeling.

For each session, you will decide what you want to talk about, although your therapist will guide and support you.

The aim is to help you to cope with the effects of the sexual assault or rape that you experienced and to begin to recover.

Counselling and psychological therapy sessions are free.

People have told us that counselling from The Bridge has helped them feel better in many ways, including:

• Having more self-esteem
• Feeling less ashamed
• Feeling less guilty
• Not being so anxious
• Becoming less depressed
• Feeling less frightened
• Having fewer suicidal thoughts
• Feeling less angry
• Having less frequent and less intense thoughts about hurting themselves
• Having fewer flashbacks, or not having them any more at all
• Sleeping better with fewer nightmares

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How to cope

Managing your thoughts and feelings
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Help and guidance if you have been sexually assaulted, if you want to know how to support someone you care about.

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When I started counselling I did not realise how much it would change the way I feel. I wanted to be able to look in a mirror at myself. I wanted so much to have self-worth.

Well, I do like myself now. I am able to look in the mirror and what’s more, I can make friends and I can see a future for myself.

From a counselling client at the Bridge