Resources for professionals

Timescales for a forensic medical examination following a rape or sexual assault

Counselling and psychological therapies offered by The Bridge

Guidance for medical professionals when caring for a patient who has disclosed that they have been raped or sexually assaulted

Other sexual violence support services - The Survivor Pathway Website

There are a variety of services offering different kinds of support to people in the Avon and Somerset area who experience sexual violence.  The Survivor Pathway is a website that explains the  support available to people in different situations and provides links that make it easy to contact that organisation.  It is particularly useful for professionals who are trying to identify the most appropriate service to make a referral to.

Educational Resources

There are some great resources available to help people think about what consent really means:

pauseplaystop explains consent, the law and provides a simple quiz

Emotional, psychological and behavioural responses to trauma

The Bridge Conference – 16th November 2016

Meeting the medical, psychological and social impact of rape and sexual assault: a biopsychosocial framework to promote long-term wellbeing

Sexual violence is a systemic problem. Its causes and consequences challenge us to think about bodies and psychology at the individual and social levels. Professionals working in health, social care, education and other diverse settings are receiving increasing numbers of disclosures – and frequently feel ill-equipped to offer an adequate response.

This one day conference will explore how a biopsychosocial framework can help professionals and agencies to offer a joined up response that attends to the medical, psychological and social impact of rape and sexual assault. This approach can ensure that we, individually, as agencies and as a society make it possible for people to speak when they have been abused and then offer a response that meets individual needs and promotes long-term wellbeing.

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Training for professionals on how to respond to disclosure of sexual assault or rape.

We periodically offer training to professionals.  If you would be interested in attending one of these sessions, please email and we will contact you when dates are available.


Bespoke training 

We also offer bespoke training sessions for organisations.  If you would like to discuss this with us, please email giving your name, organisation and contact number and we will give you a call.  



All the staff have been so friendly and welcoming, and very kind. I was supported from the very first contact, and overall, could not have gone through the past few years without this wonderful service.  A major asset to our NHS service, and one that I hope is able to reach as many individuals as need it.