Cover your tracks

When you use the internet your computer keeps a record of the websites you’ve visited. This information is stored in your browser history.

If you’re worried about someone knowing which websites you’ve been looking at, here are steps you can take.

Use a different computer

Use a computer at a local library, internet café, a friend’s house or at work.

Control your browser history

You can stop information being stored in your browser history by turning on ‘private browsing’.

Alternatively, you can delete information about websites you’ve looked at using the steps below.

Step 1

Different computers use different internet browsers. If you’re not sure what browser you are using click here.

Step 2

Before you start visiting websites turn on private browsing

Find out how to turn on private browsing by selecting the browser you’re using below:


Delete your browser history when you’ve finished using the internet

Find out how to delete your browser history by selecting the browser you’re using below:

Last reviewed: September 2019

Next review: March 2020


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